quarta-feira, 25 de novembro de 2009

Sistema de Defesa Anti Aérea - Tor-M2E - Rússia

Em breve no Brasil

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China and Russia put the blame on some screwed up experiments of US for the earthquake that happened in Haiti.
Chinese and Russian Military scientists, these reports say, are concurring with Canadian researcher, and former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief of Forbes Magazine, Benjamin Fulford, who in a very disturbing video released from his Japanese offices to the American public, details how the United States attacked China by the firing of a 90 Million Volt Shockwave from the Americans High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facilities in Alaska
If we can recollect a previous news when US blamed Russia for the earthquake in Georgio. What do you guys think? Is it really possible to create an earthquake by humans?
I came across this [url=http://universalages.com/hot-news/what-happened-in-haiti-is-it-related-to-haarp/]article about Haiti Earthquake[/url] in some blog it seems very interesting, but conspiracy theories have always been there.

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just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

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It is my first time here. I just wanted to say hi!

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I' m currently blogging for a (poor) living for someone else... but I like it. You' ve inspired me to keep doing it, and look to doing it for myself soon

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